Plastic Paradise

I recently watched Plastic Paradise, which came out last year, and does some investigative reporting on the mystery of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Many of us have heard of, read about or seen some video clips of this so-called giant island (or is it?) of garbage somewhere out in the ocean. Look... the bottomline is that there really is TONS of plastic, and other, man-made, non-deteriorating, trash out there killing animals, destroying reefs, and REALLY ruining this great planet we have. More is getting dumped in every day. And it's high-time we stop... think about what we're buying, using, and throwing out day-to-day. Here's some tips and ways to get involved through Plastic Paradise. #NoNewPlastics


Everybody's Ocean

Wave II of the Everybody's Ocean exhibit at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History is up now.
There will be First Friday reception on March 6th. Come out and see over 80 art pieces by local artists, all expressing their inspired view of the ocean.

Detail of the piece I have featured in the show - 

Detail of the piece I have featured in the show - 

In The Bubble

As promised, the Adventure Begins today! Grab the freshest issue of Santa Cruz Waves magazine to see the new strip. What's In The Bubble?, you ask. Well, it's a new paradigm in comic strip innovation that'll put your mind on full bend; and I'm pretty excited about the whole thing. You see, "In The Bubble" is a phrase my dad coined. It's a philosophy we maintain toward life that becomes abundantly clear while boarding, skiing,... or doing any activity that puts you out on the edge. Being in the bubble has to do with mindfulness; being present. If you're in the bubble, you're focused, here-now and self-contained; ready to navigate your way, gracefully through the chaos that surrounds you.

This comic strip is based on that notion and inspiration, wonder and intrigue that bubble contains. You see, this story takes place entirely in the mind of Sam the Fish. Sam has no beginning, no end and lives his days swimming around in the kelp of the Monterey Bay. Small (fish-size) observations of life around him send his mind into wild fantasies about what's possible in the bay and beyond (way beyond).

Flashback February

Here's a little cake that sums up February's holidays. I did a series of cakes for every month a few years back. This one was my favorite. It seems the Groundhog's effect on the country is about as split as the Democratic and Republican parties, but still, I hope you all enjoy your 6 more weeks of Winter.

A Better Poster

Here's a look at my poster from A Better Poster Show. I thought I'd share a couple of the process sketches and highlight just how long this poster was incubating in my brain. The first sketch was done September of 2012, and then another in December of that year. I began the actual layout and fleshed out the masthead in January 2013. But is wasn't until I was invited to this poster show in July that I really got the wind in my sails to complete it.

If you missed the opening at Cruzio last Friday it will be up and viewable through the first week of November. Prints are still available. Order 'em here in my store or drop in to Cruzio and tell the good people there that you'd like to pick one up.


I’m really stoked about the upcoming art opening at the Radius Gallery – Tannery Arts Center. My buddy, Aaron Clark is gonna be unveiling his custom screen-printed tile compositions. These pieces are eco-friendly hybrids; a whole new dimension in tile work and screen-printing. It’s been awesome to watch Aaron develop this process and approach over the past couple years. Subject-wise they bring the BroPrints eco-Robot to life through ancient metaphors of mountain transcendence.


Also showing are Pete SaporitoCarlos Dye, and Dave Gardner. It’ll be a night to remember.

Surf's Up!

With the new onslaught of big sets rolling into the SoCal coast, courtesy of Tropical Storm Marie, my dad and I are geared up to serve the 3.7Million+ surfers that inhabit our great state, some sweet custom boards. Here’s a look at our first custom shape and graphic. It’s super-fun making boards with a great California surf pioneer like my dad.

I call this one the Cosmic Seeker…

If you’re interested in a custom board shape and/or graphic please comment on this post or send me a message through the various social media channels on the right rail of the site. ——>

Elmo in Vegas

Rolling out of Las Vegas after a week of Licensing Expo [slash] Family Vacation. We did some pretty fun and exciting stuff with the kiddos. The Licensing Expo, however, was very disenchanting.


To my surprise after all we saw and did, when I asked my kids what their favorite part was they said, “The people in costumes!”. Ugggh! I found the droves of pseudo-costumed, carney-esque, Marvel, Muppet, and otherwise popular characters roaming The Strip in bad Halloween costumes, looking to cash in on photo ops with families to be the most disturbing point of interest on our trip. That can stay in Vegas!

Yet this highlighted a very real parallel to my main motivation for going to Vegas at all; The Licensing Expo. The complete content of this event is the ability to cash in big on lovable cartoon characters, art work and design by mass marketing it to our children. The biggest section of the expo, by far, was the Characters + Entertainment. Companies pimping out their lovable characters for top dollar in a way that’s only slightly cleaner than these folks hustlin’ in bad costumes outside of the Bellagio.

Things I'm Learning @EventSantaCruz

Tomorrow night is the 6th Event Santa Cruz. I'm really excited to go. I went to the first one last September and have been to several since. Each event has proven to be a great experience that has led me into new meaningful partnerships and friendships.

My original motivations to attend seemed normal. I wanted to meet some local successful and inspiring people and make my name and business known. Networking, right?

But what I've learned is something that, deep down, I've always known, and it's humbling. It's a trait that I've noted in the most successful of leaders and have longed and labored to have in myself. It's the secret ingredient that must accompany your more obvious talents in order to achieve real success. It's Empowerment. It's the ability to hand the torch to someone else and be more stoked about how they will carry it than you would be to continue carrying it all by yourself.

Straight up. The common trait I see in everyone who shares about their businesses, adventures, and experiences is that they're busy creating opportunities for others to succeed or be inspired. These folks have been led to places of greater reward and accomplishment by showing others ways to reach theirs. Forging success for yourself by your sweat and tears can be cool. A lot of people are doing that. But when you're motivation is to create a platform and precedent for others to realize their success, by golly, then you're on to something.

Socially conscious and involved business leadership is becoming the new standard. Good grades and drug rehab is now expected more than it's considered taboo or lame. We have so many ways to be intentional and direct with our time and resources; so many private projects to fund, so many small businesses to buy from, so many non-profits to give your time to. To see who I'm talking about just check out the Event Santa Cruz website for some videos and names of people doing rad stuff with other people, or just come out to the next event.

Golden Rule is golden for a reason. 
One parting thought; a modification to an old adage---

"People don't care what you can do
until you do what makes them care."