In The Bubble

As promised, the Adventure Begins today! Grab the freshest issue of Santa Cruz Waves magazine to see the new strip. What's In The Bubble?, you ask. Well, it's a new paradigm in comic strip innovation that'll put your mind on full bend; and I'm pretty excited about the whole thing. You see, "In The Bubble" is a phrase my dad coined. It's a philosophy we maintain toward life that becomes abundantly clear while boarding, skiing,... or doing any activity that puts you out on the edge. Being in the bubble has to do with mindfulness; being present. If you're in the bubble, you're focused, here-now and self-contained; ready to navigate your way, gracefully through the chaos that surrounds you.

This comic strip is based on that notion and inspiration, wonder and intrigue that bubble contains. You see, this story takes place entirely in the mind of Sam the Fish. Sam has no beginning, no end and lives his days swimming around in the kelp of the Monterey Bay. Small (fish-size) observations of life around him send his mind into wild fantasies about what's possible in the bay and beyond (way beyond).