Elmo in Vegas

Rolling out of Las Vegas after a week of Licensing Expo [slash] Family Vacation. We did some pretty fun and exciting stuff with the kiddos. The Licensing Expo, however, was very disenchanting.


To my surprise after all we saw and did, when I asked my kids what their favorite part was they said, “The people in costumes!”. Ugggh! I found the droves of pseudo-costumed, carney-esque, Marvel, Muppet, and otherwise popular characters roaming The Strip in bad Halloween costumes, looking to cash in on photo ops with families to be the most disturbing point of interest on our trip. That can stay in Vegas!

Yet this highlighted a very real parallel to my main motivation for going to Vegas at all; The Licensing Expo. The complete content of this event is the ability to cash in big on lovable cartoon characters, art work and design by mass marketing it to our children. The biggest section of the expo, by far, was the Characters + Entertainment. Companies pimping out their lovable characters for top dollar in a way that’s only slightly cleaner than these folks hustlin’ in bad costumes outside of the Bellagio.