Art doesn’t magically appear one day because you’ve dreamed about it for years. It takes many attempts and personal battles to decide to keep creating. Am I good enough? I don’t have enough time. Who cares? What's the point? I'm not ready. Whatever your struggle, you either choose to push thru and do something or you don’t.

I’ve been creating and working toward making a living and a life as an art maker since my childhood. There’s been many times that I’ve been overwhelmed by doubt and fear and faced all those difficult decisions, but I continue to believe and try and grow and let life unfold around me while I find ways and reasons to keep making art. And if I keep going, I’ll continue to face these battles.

With over 6,500 unique Tangram forms in publication, and an endless amount of possibilities, I have plenty to explore visually for the next 7 years; maybe longer... unless I give up. Until then, call me a TNGRMR.

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