A Little Background

Joe has been devoted to art making since childhood, creating unique and captivating pieces that combine laser, painting and print techniques, with his unique illustration style. His works are a visual feast for the eyes, often featuring intricate, detailed illustrations that draw viewers into imaginative worlds.

Joe Fenton is a California-born artist with a passion for art and a deep connection to his rural Northern California upbringing, heavily influenced by skate & surf culture, the beauty and order of nature and symbolic systems and the power they contain. For the past decade, he has been living in the Santa Cruz Mountains, where he has been refining his artistic vision and techniques, and contributing to the local art community.

Joe's recent works combine graphic design, cartoon illustration, laser-cutting & engraving, and fine art painting. Drawing from his diverse artistic background, he has developed a unique style, which he refers to as the Tangramer Series.