In The 7th Year

Intro Statement to my Gallery Show
Seven is the number of completion and rest.
Seven shows up in profound meaningful
systems spanning nature, science, religion and
culture. Which is why it has become the muse
and inspiration underpinning my art.
Many symbolic systems are organized into 7
...rainbow spectrum, music scale, deadly sins,
sacred foods, chakras, days of the week...
and many many others.
Tangram (aka The Seven Boards of Skill)
is an ancient geometric puzzle consisting of
5 triangles, a square and a rhombus.
For centuries, at various places in history it has
been played with to form an endless catalog of
pictogram images by rearranging the 7 basic
2D shapes. For the past 3 years Tangrams have
created a structure and process for my art and
I have only begun to scratch the surface of the
endless possibilities.
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